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So often, we have been introduced to people when things have gone wrong with so called  "good investments".
In current financial times it is very difficult to recover lost capital when things have gone wrong - far better to choose investments which have the least chance of poor returns or capital loss.

Our investment process contains the following elements:

  • Quantifying our clients' investment risk appetite. That is firstly, personal preferences and secondly, situational risk (required income, growth, age of client, total investments assets, etc)
  • Choosing the correct investment type. The correct investment type will have the lowest administration costs, the greatest flexibility and a choice of the best investment funds available
  • Choosing the correct investment funds. Our investment software tracks the daily performance of every fund and share listed on the JSE We use this information to decide what funds  to investigate further. We then spend time meeting with the fund managers to understand their  process and people . When we are happy that a particular fund meets all our requirements, we add it to our "shopping list" We continuously monitor our "shopping list" funds  and maintain personal contact with the investment teams. If, at any stage, these funds fail to meet our requirements, we remove them from our "shopping list" and from our clients’ portfolios.

At a time when financial groups are becoming larger and larger, truly independent advice is becoming rarer. Financial advisors who work for these  groups are under increasing pressure  to  recommend investment funds and types within their own groups.
In order to obtain the very best balance between risk and investment return, it is very important that your financial advisor remains totally objective when constructing the ideal portfolio for your needs.