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Motor Vehicle Remote Blocking Cover

For those who are not aware, some criminals have obtained electronic devices that block the signal from your remote when you are locking your vehicle. This leaves your vehicle unlocked and theft from the vehicle would not be accompanied by any signs of forcible entry. This would mean that a theft claim from the vehicle would be repudiated by any insurance company.

We are now able to offer your remote blocking cover under the all risks section of your policy. The cost of the cover is R55.00 per month and will cover the following:

  • R5 000 value of goods if there is no security camera footage available to prove that the remote blocking occurred.
  • R25 000 value of goods, regardless of the value of the specified items, if there is security camera footage to prove that the remote blocking occurred.
  • This is an additional, elective clause to the All Risks Section and cannot be selected on its own.
  • Items that you are claiming for must comply with the normal all risks terms & conditions for cover to be in place, i.e. items that have to be specified in terms of the all risks section will still need to be specified for this remote blocking clause to apply.
  • Excess applicable to each loss: R500.00