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Tax Free Savings Government Concession

On the 1st March this year S.A. Government launched the first tax free savings account. This concession allows all individuals to invest in a range of products with the following features:

  • You can invest up to R30 000 per year (R2 500 per month)
  • The cumulative amount invested cannot exceed a total of R500 000 per person
  • The investment proceeds will be exempt from any form of tax (Capital gains, interest and dividends)
  • If you have reached the cumulative total of R500 000 and you draw any capital, you are not permitted to top it up at a later date.

We believe that utilising this concession will be very useful to all clients and their families but think that one needs to be very careful which investment vehicle to use. There are already more than 50 products registered with varying amounts of risk and potential return. Banks and other service providers are already bombarding the public to choose their products and people will soon be totally confused as to which product is the best for them.

We are the process of evaluating all products available and also know that some very good options are in the development pipeline.

We expect this process to be complete by May, after which we will make a recommendation to all our clients which will give the best potential return at an acceptable investment risk but will also have the flexibility to be changed or fine tuned as circumstances change. Total investment costs of each product also feature as a very important component of out evaluation process.

Do not be hasty to make your decision on this important concession - you only get one chance to use it!