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Our Clients

A long time ago we learnt that the long term success of our business depends on our choice of clients.

Firstly, we need to choose clients who are successful or likely to be successful and , mostly,  who we believe in.
Secondly, we need to invest much time and resources  to  create growth ,stability and cost effectiveness in  every aspect of their financial planning portfolio.

We are always interested in creating long term relationships with our clients and often end up dealing with different generations of the same families (Our record is simultaneously dealing with 4 generations of the same family!)

Our clients include business owners, professionals  and executives from all over South Africa  and many who have moved to other countries.

You could say that if you are a Spectrum client, you are truly "a chosen one" - that said, once you have been chosen and we have earned  your loyalty, we will protect that relationship like an elephant protects her calf!