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Since 1976 we have been providing independent advice on those financial planning, risk management and asset protection products we believe are suited to our clients. Our services have three main objectives

  1. To help our clients build their assets  by intelligent financial and investment planning.
  2. To help our clients protect their assets  and family lifestyle by cost effective insurance of their possessions and businesses as well as the lives and health of breadwinners.
  3. To provide continuity of service for your lifetime

We have an investment risk analysis and portfolio construction process which ranks as one of the best in the country and a strong focus on keeping investment administration costs to an absolute minimum, while earning the best investment returns at an acceptable risk.

We spend a lot of time sifting through the huge variation in conditions, definitions and costs of life insurance and disability products available in SA so that our clients are in a position to make informed choices in these areas.

Our large and varied client base enables us to negotiate with a very strong hand in the personal and business short term insurance sector. We do all our own administration in these areas to ensure a constant level of service regardless of the underwriting company chosen.

Our years of experience also enable us to make a meaningful  contribution in the area of trusts, wills and  business legal agreements.
As income tax forms an integral part of financial planning, we need to have a good understanding of any legal ways of reducing your income tax paid.

In the event of the retirement or death of any one of the Spectrum directors,  there is an automatic guarantee that our clients would continue to receive the same level of service that they had received in the past.

We are mindful of the following lesson from the book "In Search of Excellence" published way back in 1982 by Thomas  J Peters  and Robert H. Waterman  jnr:

"Close to the Customer

Probably the most important management fundamental that is being ignored today is staying close to the customer to satisfy his needs and  anticipate his wants. In too many companies, the customer has become a bloody nuisance whose unpredictable behaviour  damages carefully made strategic plans, whose activities mess up computer operations and who stubbornly insists that purchased products should work.

Lew Young, editor in chief, Business  Week "