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Growing your Wealth

Firstly, we will do a full analysis of your financial circumstances and measure your financial risk profile.

Secondly, we will request information about all your current investments and analyse them for suitability, cost effectiveness and risk /return profile.

Then, we will meet with you to discuss possible changes and additions to your portfolio to make sure that you are growing your wealth in the most effective way to achieve your financial goals. This will include taking into account, the overall tax efficiency of your portfolio and your exposure to offshore markets.

Exposure to offshore markets can be achieved by the use of S.A based funds which are authorised to invest a portion or all the underlying investor funds in foreign markets or by direct transfer to offshore based funds. 

Spectrum is licensed to transfer funds from or to any foreign countries at substantially lower costs than conventional bank transfers.

We will monitor the progress and performance of your investment portfolio and report to you on a regular basis, when we will make changes if necessary.

It is important to remember that Spectrum is 100% privately owned by the current directors and has no affiliations with or shareholdings in any investment or financial companies. Many of our competitors in the banking and investment sector have their own in-house funds and products and cannot claim to give truly independent advice

‍Spectrum has developed a unique investment risk profiling tool which measures your current financial circumstances as well as your personal appetite for investment risk. The scores for both of these areas are taken into account to determine your overall investment risk profile and the appropriate exposure to the various investment asset classes and funds.
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