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Since 1976 we have been providing independent advice on financial planning, risk management and asset protection.

Our Team

Nothing epitomises the culture of the Spectrum team more than this mural art piece that is mounted on the wall of our client waiting room.

In 2010, the Spectrum end of the year function included a visit to the NMMU Art Faculty pottery, when each member of our team was given a few raw clay tiles in the wet and a crash course on how to decorate them. We were amazed at the diversity of ideas and talent that emerged. The tiles were then fired and immersed in a drum of sawdust as they came out of the kiln to create the charred effect. These tiles were then mounted on a board as a mosaic artwork. This artwork is a continuous reminder to us all about the power of combining individuals into an effective team.

We like our clients and staff to feel like they are part of a family. Staff functions, birthdays and work anniversaries are treated as very special. Together with providing a positive and meaningful work environment, this priority has resulted in exceptionally long periods of service being the norm at Spectrum. The average period of service for our entire team of 30, is more than 10 years which is quite an achievement in these job hopping times.